Nothing matters more than the ones we love. We’re developing initiatives to support safe driving and technologies that can help mitigate crashes.

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59% of fatal crashes involved drugs or alcohol

In 2020, 59% of drivers involved in serious injury and fatal crashes tested positive for drugs and or alcohol.1 That’s why GM supports safe driving laws and is working to help educate and develop technologies to make our roads safer.

What We Know

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How GM Helps

Our holistic approach to safety is how we are trying to address impaired driving through research and advocacy.


GM is committed to understanding the issues on the road with respect to alcohol and drug use.

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A vision of zero crashes

GM is committed to helping create a future with zero crashes.

Get the full story

GM looks at safety from every angle. That’s why we’ve created an ongoing series of infographics that explore many aspects of road safety and what GM is doing to advance a safer world for all.


“It is exciting to work at GM in the safety industry. Innovation has always been at the heart of GM, and we are always thinking ahead on how we can facilitate a safer driving experience by implementing driver assist and safety technologies such as crash avoidance and post-crash technologies.”

REGINA CARTO // Vice President of Global Product Safety & Systems
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Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Because you cannot always be with them, OnStar Guardian7 can go where your loved ones go, in and out of any vehicle. Whether driving, at home or even out walking, OnStar Guardian is a safety app that puts the power of OnStar on a smartphone.